The oak barrel for grands crus


Zero tertiary aromas

Toasted with lava stone, PETRA grand cru barrels are designed in collaboration with oenologists anxious to offer unique wines, that enhance their terroir and express the values ​​of their property.

Designing oak barrels that do not affect the wine.

Mission impossible?

Consumers are coming back from parkerized wines. Unfortunately, the wood and the toast have standardized the taste and altered the identity of each property, spoiling the efforts of oenologists and the pleasure of connoisseurs.

Our mission: Provide specialist advice and barrels that protects the wine's identity without compromising on quality.

Our secret

An innovative and patented process,

which is unique in the world!

The finest


We select the best oak by working

only with 3 origins that are traced and controlled.

100% natural


We produce fresh barrels in small

batches and perform double

tests on their sealing.

Toasting without


Exclusive: We toast our

barrels with lava stones

according to 3 aromatic philosophies.

Iceland, Russia, Japan…

Our stones come from the world’s end to allow you

to create an authentic wine, based on fruit, finesse, and elegance.

Our method

We design our barrels to achieve

the taste aimed by each oenologist.



Wine-tasting and the description of the oenologist's objectives create the foundation of a tailor-made recommendation.

The making

of ad hoc barrels

We produce a small batch of barrels according to 4 parameters which contribute to the desired final result.

Supported implementation

The batch of definitive barrels will join the cellar after an in situ test and a taste control.

A word from the founder

Thomas Moussie

“I discovered the facets of wine creation in France and internationally. I really wished to give back the power to oenologists, whose art fascinates me, but I couldn't find a job which was consistent with my philosophy. So I created my own cooperage in search of the perfect barrel. Today SURTEP offers the PETRA range, toasted with lava stone, and a more classic high-end range.”

Our contribution

to your success

Manufacturing secrets, choice of materials, types of toasting stones, wood grain …

In this short booklet we explain how we help to make a difference in the aging of your wine, and the competition between its properties.

This booklet is completely free and does not commit you in any way.

It is part of an awareness campaign for the excellence in cooperage.

They adopted PETRA barrels

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